Lets talk body image! How many women begin a diet or new work regime, with the expectation that when your finished, you will love everything about yourself, all those flaws you have, will be gone, and you will be content with what you see in the mirror? How many? Most of you? What happens at the end of your diet or fitness plan, when its not what you thought? What happens then? Will you every truly be happy with what you see in the mirror? Will you ever truly be able to get rid of all those flaws?

I’m not sure what changed for me in the last few years, maybe the industy that I am in, maybe the riducoule , maybe the 2nd baby, that almost totally changed the way my body looks, the way it reacts to food and fitness in general. I’m not really sure. What I do know is, I cant remember a time, that I have been so hard on myself for the way that I look. I’m writing this because I feel like its important for my clients to understand and for other women who are struggling, to know that, your not alone.

In Janury I decided that I was going to get my nutrition on track. The workouts were easy, I loved that aspect, so really it was my nutrition that I needed to reign in. So I did. I got some guidance and help from people I trusted and changed my lifestyle when it comes to the way that I eat and what I eat. I had a goal. A very specific goal of what that scale was goig to say when it was all said and done. I had a very specific idea of what I was going to look like when the scale said the those magic numbers. The closer and closer it got to my goal, the more and more I realized, I may have set my expectations to high. While changes were happening, I was losing body fat, I was getting more proficient at my workouts, I felt better,  I felt like I looked better.  But, I wasn’t where I wanted. Then, it started. I began nit picking. Man I wish this would go away, why is this still hanging on, why hasn’t this shrunk, wish this was bigger, wish that was smaller.

Yesterday, I weighed myelf, and I am 1 full lb from my initial goal weight. It depressed me. My first thought was, damn, still so much to do, not even close to where I wanna be.


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